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New Year Sale 7% off All Orders over $100. Use code NEWYEARS7 (Some exclusions)

ComfyGo Majestic IQ-7000 Auto-Folding Remote Controlled Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

by ComfyGo
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Majestic IQ-7000 Highlights

  • Airline and Cruise Approved
  • Manual or Auto-Folding option for easy transportability
  • Easy to travel with - fits in trunks and is lightweight
  • 13 Mile range
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • All-terrain - grass, road, sand, mud, snow, bumps etc.
  • Top Speed of 4 mph


The MAJESTIC IQ-7000 wheelchair is a beautifully designed folding electric wheelchair for travel. This transport motorized wheelchair is lightweight, airline friendly. This is a sturdy wheelchair and features a weight capacity limit of up to 350 lbs. with a top speed of 4 mph.

The IQ-7000 is available in four frame colors with five optional cushion and backrest colors that allow you to customize the color of your wheelchair fully. It’s equipped with a 360-degree waterproof universal intelligent joystick for easy control. The intelligent joystick includes a power on/off button with a power indicator light, speed selection buttons, and a horn.

The 12AH lithium-ion battery powers two 250W brushless DC motors that deliver a range of up to 13 miles. 20AH batteries gives up to 17 miles of range


    Battery and Charger

    • IQ-7000 AF (auto folding) comes in two battery options, a 288WH (24 volt, 12AH) lithium-ion or a 480WH (24 volt, 20AH) lithium-ion. The 12AH battery is airline and cruise approved and delivers a range up to 13 miles. The 20AH battery is not airline or cruise approved and delivers a range up to 17 miles. The battery charging time is for each battery is 6 to 8 hours.
    • The IQ-7000 AF battery can be charged with a regular home outlet. The charging details for each battery (12AH or 20AH) are AC 100 – 240 Volt, 50 Hertz, at 1.5 – 5 amperes. The IQ-7000 AF comes with a standard 24V 2A charger in the box. For quicker charging times, we recommend the 24V 3A charger for the long range 20AH battery. The 24V 3 charger is sold separately.


    • The highly efficient lithium-ion battery provides plenty of range.
    • The 12AH battery delivers up to 13 miles / 21 km.
    • The 20AH battery delivers up to 17 miles / 27 km.
    • Driving habits, temperature, weather, loading weight, road environments, and other factors may affect the range.


    • The lightweight IQ-7000 AF travel chair comes with two 250W engines. Each motor works independently, and they provide a total motor power of 500W.
    • The motor torque is 1.1Nm giving these motors the power to climb angles up to 6 degrees.

    Travel Friendly

    • The IQ-7000 AF is a lightweight foldable travel wheelchair. The 12AH (288WH) lithium-ion battery is travel approved by most major airlines and cruise lines. The 20AH (480WH) lithium-ion battery may not be approved by airlines and cruise lines. Before travelling by airline or cruise, please contact the airline or cruise line to confirm their travel battery regulations.

    Auto Folding

    • The IQ-7000 AF is available with an optional auto folding feature. By using the joystick controller or remote control, the chair can be folded and unfolded automatically. Do not use the auto folding feature while the chair is in motion as this could lead to tipping and severe injuries.

    Controller (Joystick)

    • The IQ-7000 AF chair is equipped with a weather resistant 360-degree joystick controller. The controller contains the power on/off button, the speed selection buttons, the horn button, the battery level display, and the 360-degree joystick controller. If your IQ-7000 AF supports the auto folding feature, your controller will also include the folding and unfolding buttons.

    Remote Controller

    • The IQ-7000 AF comes with a remote controller. The remote control allows you to maneuver the chair, adjust the speed, honk the horn, and folding - unfolding the chair (if applicable). The remote control works at distances up 30 feet.


      • The IQ-7000 AF has five speed selections and a limited top speed of 4 mph. The five speed selections will deliver 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100% of the maximum speed with speed one being 20% of maximum speed and speed five being 100% of maximum speed.

      Seating Area Width

      • The IQ-7000 AF comes with 19” seating area. The width of the seating area is measured at the widest point between the bars that support the armrest.

      Weight of the Chair

      • The IQ-7000 AF is a foldable chair is just 60 lbs. without battery. The 12AH battery add 7 lbs. and 20AH battery is 8 lbs.

      Loading Weight

      • Majestic IQ-7000 AF and IQ-7000 AF Auto Folding supports a maximum weight of 350 lbs.


      • The IQ-7000 AF wiring, connectors, processor, motors, and controller are weather resistant and are able to resist light rain and winds. It is important to understand that none of the electronics are weather or waterproof and should avoid heavy rains or submersion in water.


      • The IQ-7000 AF comes with solid tires. The rear tires are 12” and the front tires are 8”. Pneumatic tires might be available upon request. To inquire about pneumatic tires, please contact us at (970) 325-2121

        FDA Approved

        • The IQ-7000 FDA approved, and UL tested.

          What is in the box?

          • The IQ-7000 AF wheelchair with a lithium-ion battery, joystick (controller), remote controller, tool set, battery charger, anti-tip bars, and the user manual.


          • The IQ-7000 AF does not require much maintenance. Monthly cleaning, inspecting, and tightening of bolts and nuts should keep your wheelchair in good working order. Proper charging of the lithium-ion battery will prolong your battery life.


            The IQ-7000 AF comes with a standard 3-year frame, 1-year motor, 1-year battery, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.

            Return Policy

            Returns/Cancellations before shipment:

            Free cancellation before shipment for full refund. Items are usually shipped within 1-2 business days

            Returns after shipment:

            • This item has a 20% Restocking Fee.
            • You are responsible for the cost of return shipping. The product must new and unused and in the original packaging.
            • All accessories and items that were included in the box must be returned.
            • Items canceled after the product has already shipped will be considered a return.
            • Delivery and service fees are not refundable.
            • An RA (Return Authorization) from Mobility Elite must be requested within 10 business days of delivery.
            • The item must be shipped back to the address noted on the RA within 15 business days.
            • Once approved, your refund, minus any restocking and freight fees, will be issued to your original form of payment.

            If you have questions about this item please call a Mobility Elite Expert at 1-970-325-2121.


            • Free shipping in continental US
            • Ships within 1-2 business days, arrives within 5-7 business days

            Owners Manual

            IQ-7000 Owners Manual


            1. Can I turn my wheelchair on or turn off with the remote control?

            No. The wheelchair’s power must be turned on before the remote control is turned on. This allows the controller to pair with the chair.

            2. Does my wheelchair arrive fully assembled?

            Your wheelchair will arrive almost fully assembled. When your wheelchair arrives, you'll need to attach the remaining parts.

            3. Can my wheelchair go on an airplane or cruise?

            Yes. The 7.5AH (180WH) lithium-ion battery is travel approved by most major airlines and cruise lines. Before travelling by airline or cruise, please contact the airline or cruise line to confirm their travel battery regulations.

            4. Can I operate my wheelchair with the backrest in the reclined position?

            The wheelchair will still operate if the backrest is reclined. However, we do not recommend moving your wheelchair while reclined as this could lead to tipping and severe injuries.

            5. I’ve run out of battery. Can I push my chair?

            Yes. The IQ-7000 wheelchair can operate like a manual wheelchair. To do so, make sure the power is off, then disengage both motors by pulling the levers on each motor to the unlocked position. Doing this will set your wheelchair to free wheel mode.

            6. Does my remote control come paired with my chair?

            Yes. The remote control comes paired with your chair. If your remote loses its pairing, please click here  to watch a video tutorial on how to pair your remote. If you are still having difficulties pairing your remote, please contact us 1 (970) 325-2121 or

            7. Can I silence the beeping sound my wheelchair makes while reversing?

            Yes. To remove the beeping noise, press the (+) key on the controller until you reach the top speed then hold the button down until you see the amber light in the middle of the display. Quickly press the horn button and the beeping will stop. Repeat these steps if you want the beeping sound back.

            8. Does the armrest raise?

            Yes. Both armrests can raise to allow an easier exchange or to make it easier to push you chair closer to a table

            9. How do I charge the battery?

            The lithium-ion battery can be charged through the joystick controller or directly on the battery. The charge time for an empty battery is 6-8 hours. If your battery has a partial charge, the charge time will be less. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger from the battery and unplug it from the power outlet.

            10. Can I install my controller on either side of the wheelchair?

            Yes. The controller will be setup on the right side of the wheelchair, but it can be easily moved to the left side.

            11. Does my wheelchair come with a warranty?

            Yes, The IQ-7000 wheelchair comes with a standard 3-year frame, 1-year motor, 1-year battery, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.

            12. Can I use my wheelchair on dirt and grass?

            Yes. The IQ-7000 can traverse low grass and compacted dirt with ease.

            13. Where can I find the serial number of my wheelchair?

            The serial number can be found in three places, on the frame near the footrest, in the product manual, and on the box the wheelchair was shipped in

            14. Is it possible for my wheelchair to automatically fold while I'm in the chair?

            Technically, yes. However, the automatic folding ability is controlled by a two-step process on the controller. This is to avoid an accidental folding of the chair while it is in use. For safety reasons, it is important that only chair operator uses the controls.


            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            John K
            Good Looking Chair

            It is a very sturdy chair. The seat and trim are very nice. Wires and cables were neat not like other chairs.

            I Love My Majestic Electric Wheelchair

            I love my majestic electric wheelchair it's very comfortable and sturdy. It's very easy to drive and change. The charge lasts almost all day and a good strong motor and the way it folds and unfolds by its self by pushing the controls buttons makes it very easy to handle and lift into my car. Thank you very much for my chair.

            Robert W
            Just What I Needed!

            This is exactly what I needed. I researched several wheelchairs before making the decision to purchase this one. Im so happy that I did. This is light enough for me to transport and my wife can even lift it. It also fits perfectly in the backseat of my truck.

            Sturdy Transport Wheelchair

            We purchased this wheelchair as a transport wheelchair. My husband is a recent double amputee and has a motor wheelchair at home. We were looking for a sturdy chair to have in our van for appointments and outings. It has a great weight limit. The battery stays charged for a long time. It easy to use and we get compliments everywhere he goes. It is heavy, so if you are not used to lifting heavy things you might want to test lifting this much weight. My other complaint is the motor controller, it is in the way for transfers. I have to take it off set it on the ground, he transfers, back up a bit then replace controller. It would be nice to have a pocket on the side. Overall great product.

            On The Go

            I received my Electric wheelchair and was very excited. I was surprised I didn't have to assemble it. I Love it and I have so much more freedom. God has Blessed us so much.

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