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New Year Sale 7% off All Orders over $100. Use code NEWYEARS7 (Some exclusions)

Journey Zoomer Folding Power Chair One-Handed Control 08360

by Journey
SKU 08360 BLU RGT 01
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Color: Blue

Zoomer Key Features

  • Extremely Portable - The Zoomer is only 47 lbs, folds quickly and easily and will fit in any car trunk. 
  • Airline Approved - can be used in airports and can get you right up to your gate. Battery is carried on, while the Zoomer is treated like oversized luggage at the gate as you board 
  • Maneuverable - The Zoomer has a 25" turning radius for tight turns (50% shorter turning radius than most power chairs). At 25" wide it will fit through most doorways and tight spaces. Also, both armrests will fit below most desks and tables so you can pull right up and not have to transfer chairs
  • Safe Design - Anti tip wheels keep you upright and safe. The footplate swings away to make it easy to get in and out of the chair. 
  • Multi Surface - Grass, dirt, small gravel—the Zoomer can handle it all. Indoors or outdoors, wherever you want to go, it will get you there.
  • One Handed Control - The Zoomer is conrolled by a joystick on the left or right side. So you only need one hand to control leaving you free to use your other hand for dog walking, picking things up, etc. 

The Journey Zoomer is a folding power chair that puts your mobility at your fingertips. With easy one-handed joystick control and extreme portability, Zoomer works indoors and out to help you go almost anywhere your heart desires. Now you can take that "roll" in the park you miss or shop until you drop without slowing down.

Key Specifications

 Zoomer Weight 47 lbs
Weight Capacity 275 lbs
Top Speed 6 mph
Turning Radius 25"



  • The Zoomer is not a traditional scooter or power chair but a personal electric vehicle—and the future of battery-powered transportation 
  • The 35.5" turning radius means it turns on a dime; this means you can easily navigate it in small spaces
  • Five speed settings, with speeds ranging from 0 to 3.7 mph 
  • Our patented floating foot rest doesn't need to be removed


  • To make travel and transport super easy, Zoomer breaks down into two lightweight parts (heaviest part is less than 27 lbs). Compare that to competitive products that weigh more than 100 lbs. 


  • At 25.5" wide, Zoomer fits through all standard ADA-compliant door frames of 32" wide
  • Can go up all ADA-compliant ramps of 5° (and up to 10° if needed)
  • Padded armrests and the joystick fit below ADA-compliant tables and desks 
  • Foam seat cushion; can buy additional cushion for more comfort 


  • Easy folding with a single pull release cable; once folded, it fits into the backseat or trunk of a car and can be wheeled like a piece of luggage 
  • Comes assembled and never has to be disassembled 
  • Joystick can be mounted on the left- or right-hand armrest 
  • Swing-away footplate so you can exit safely and easily 
  • Can be manually pushed when chair is not in use and unlocked 
  • Flat free tires means you never have to inflate them 


  • FAA compliant and safe for travel — Now you can take that dream trip you always wanted.  Take your Zoomer right up to the gate, remove the battery and carry it onto the plane, and the airline will take your Zoomer to stow it below. As you come off of the plane, you can get right back in your Zoomer and Zoom through the airport with ease.
  • Traveling up to 3.7 mph means you can keep up with friends, loved ones and pets as you use your Zoomer 


  • Rear anti-tip wheels to prevent tipping while going over bumps or inclines 
  • Electromagnetic brake system automatically stops the Zoomer when the joystick is released 


  • Rechargeable 24 V, 8.76Ah lithium ion, suitable for 110/220 V outlets 
  • Eight miles of use on a single charge (contingent on weight capacity); charges in 4.5 hours or less 
  • Battery is charged while in place inside the chair via a port below the joystick control panel 


Unfolded Size

  • Length: 31.9"
  • Width: 24.4"
  • Height: 35.4"
  • Height to Arm Rails: 25.5"

Folded Size

  • Length: 43.9"
  • Width: 24.4"
  • Height: 11.8"

Seat Size

  • Width: 16.9"
  • Height (from floor): 18.9"
  • Depth: 13"

Distance Between Arm Rails: 19.7"

Weight With Battery: 50.5 lbs (without basket)

Weight Without Battery: 46.5 lbs

Overall Weight: 52.2 lbs (with basket)

Weight of Battery: 4 lb

Weight Capacity: 275 lb max capacity

Packaging Dimensions

  • Length: 39.8"
  • Width: 27.8"
  • Height: 12.4"

Packaging Weight: 62.8 lbs

Max Climbing Angle: 12° (ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps are 5° max.)

Rotation (turning) Radius: 35.5" (902 mm)

Battery Range: Up to 8 miles

Max Speed Range: 0 to 3.7 miles

Frame: Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Nylon Composite 

Motor: Dual Brushless; DC 24 volt, 220 watt

Battery: 24 V 8.76Ah, 240 watt-hours, Lithium-ion 4-lb highest quality cells 

Charging Time: 4.5 hours or less 

Steering/Braking System: Joystick 

Front Wheels: 7" flat free 

Rear Wheels: 10" flat free 

Anti-tip Wheels: 2" flat free  

Colors: Black, Blue


The Zoomer frame and mechanical components are covered with a one-year limited warranty. The original supplied tires and fabric seat are covered with a limited warranty for six months. More details on warranty can be found in the owners manual.

Return Policy

Returns/Cancellations before shipment:

Free cancellation before shipment for full refund. Items are usually shipped within 1-2 business days

Returns after shipment:

  • This item has a 20% Restocking Fee.
  • You are responsible for the cost of return shipping. The product must new and unused and in the original packaging.
  • All accessories and items that were included in the box must be returned.
  • Items canceled after the product has already shipped will be considered a return.
  • Delivery and service fees are not refundable.
  • An RA (Return Authorization) from Mobility Elite must be requested within 10 business days of delivery.
  • The item must be shipped back to the address noted on the RA within 15 business days.
  • Once approved, your refund, minus any restocking and freight fees, will be issued to your original form of payment.

If you have questions about this item please call a Mobility Elite Expert at 1-970-325-2121

Free Shipping

  • Free shipping in continental US
  • Ships within 1-2 business days, arrives within 5-7 business days

Owners Manual

Zoomer Owners Manual


Where can I use the Zoomer Chair?

The Zoomer Chair can be used just about anywhere, indoors and out. It can handle a number of different terrains such as grass, carpet, dirt and more.

Will it fit through my doorways?

In most any cases, yes. Check to be certain your doorway openings are at least 27" wide. Any smaller than that will require you to get off and fold the Zoomer Chair in order to pass through. Businesses (malls, restaurants, etc.) are required to be ADA compliant, with doorways a minimum of 32" wide—no problem for the Zoomer.

What is the Zoomer's weight limit?

The Zoomer Chair is capable of carrying a person weighing up to 275 lbs.

Does it come in a larger size?

The Zoomer Chair is available in only one size. See the Product Specifications section for specific dimensions. The maximum user weight limit is 275 lbs.

I only have one good hand. Is the Zoomer for me?

The Zoomer Chair is a one-handed, joystick-controlled chair. The joystick can even be installed on either side of the chair.

Is a Zoomer right for me if I am handicapped or disabled?

While many people use the Zoomer for many different reasons, the Zoomer Chair is a personal electric vehicle. If you are fully restricted to a sitting position, the Zoomer may not be for you. You must be able to get in and out of the chair.

What’s included with the Zoomer Chair?

The Zoomer Chair will arrive fully assembled out of the box. It will include the chair, a battery and a charger. In addition, it will include the hex key needed should you decide to remove the armrests.

Will Medicare help pay for my Zoomer Chair?

Unfortunately, the Zoomer is not covered by Medicare at this time.

What accessories are available?

Accessories such as a seatback bag, cup/bottle holder, cane holder, spare batteries and spare tires are available.

Will the Zoomer Chair fit under a desk or table?

Whether you are at a restaurant having dinner or just pulling up to your desk to get some work done, one of the great unique features of the Zoomer Chair is that it easily fits under most desks and tables. Since the armrests are only 25.5" above floor level, you can just pull right up as you would a regular chair to any standard table or desk, which will generally be 28" to 30" high. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates that to be compliant, public seating must be a minimum of 27" from the floor to the bottom of the table surface.

Can I take my Zoomer on an airplane?

Yes, and here are a few things you need to know before taking your Zoomer on a plane. Your Zoomer should qualify as free baggage with most airlines, but you can call your airline prior to your trip to make sure. You can ride your Zoomer all the way up to the gate and down the jetway. As you get to the end of the jetway, you will need to remove the Zoomer battery from the back of the chair,  fold your Zoomer and hand it to a flight attendant to stow it under the plane. Take the battery on the plane with you to your seat. Be sure to contact your specific airline to ask for their procedures for transporting a battery-powered vehicle, and see your Zoomer Chair USA User Manual for more info. Here is a link to the FAA regulations regarding battery-powered chairs.  More info

Does the Zoomer have reverse mode?

Yes, the Zoomer Chair does have a powered reverse.

Can I manually push the Zoomer?

The Zoomer Chair can be pushed about easily when there is no rider in it; however, it is not specifically intended that seated users be pushed around in wheel-chair fashion by others as an alternative to chair's foremost purpose: a powered self-driving experience. (If you wish to prevent your Zoomer from being pushed from behind, you simply lock it in place.)

Is the footplate adjustable?

The swinging footplate is not adjustable; however, the Zoomer is designed to accommodate people of a wide variety of sizes. 

Is the seat or backrest adjustable?

The seat and backrest are not adjustable. Some Zoomer owners with special comfort needs have chosen to add an additional cushion.

Can the Zoomer be used on heavily padded or thick carpet?

Customers who are closer to the Zoomer's weight limit of 275 lbs may find that the Zoomer is a little more difficult to use on very thick or heavily padded carpet when operating at low speed. The solution is to simply increase your speed setting, thereby increasing the ability of the Zoomer to move around on these types of surfaces without significantly increasing speed.

How long will the battery last on a single charge?

Depending upon usage (speed, weight, etc.) the Zoomer Chair's battery will last up to 8 miles of use.

How long will the battery last before needing to replace it?

The short answer is it depends on the usage and conditions. The battery on average lasts for several years for many of our customers.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Charging the battery takes 4 hours or less depending on the level of power already used. With a range of up to 8 miles, most owners rarely run the battery all the way down in a single day.

How do I know if I need to charge the battery?

There is a battery indicator located on the control panel that tells you the battery life.

Is the battery included in the weight?

Yes, 50 pounds includes the weight of the battery.

Will the charger work in foreign countries?

Yes. The charger will operate on 110V or 220V, but you will need an inexpensive plug converter to fit the outlets of your foreign destination.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chuck C
Looking Forward To Going Cruising With My Boomer!

I am enjoying my zoomer. I like that it is lightweight and breaks down into two pieces less than 25 lbs. each. My previous power wheelchair weighed over 250 pounds and required a bigger vehicle to transport. My wife and I are looking forward to taking my zoomer on a cruise next month.

Jack T
Zoomed Review

Love it to use around the house and porch. Portable to go in my daughter's vehicle when I go out.

Anthony S

I have had my Zoomer two months. The freedom I have gained is amazing. I live in assisted living with my wife and recently celebrated my 88th birthday. I am able to participate in social activities, cards, bingo, and Sr. Prom on my own or with my wife. My daughter now takes me to church because of my Zoomer chair. Before my chair purchase I used a walker. My afternoons were hard because I was exhausted from walking. Zoomer has given me my life back with more freedom than ever.

Arlene F
My Zoomer Journey

I am a retired nurse with Polio Syndrome at 86 years old. I am very happy with the independence that my Zoomer gives me. It’s easy to handle and very light to travel with.

I Would Buy This Product Again!

I can now live in more than one room of my apartment . I'm able to access all the areas in my independent living facility, including the dining room and getting my mail without assistance!! I am able to visit my friends again!!! It has truly given me a new lease on life

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