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New Year Sale 7% off All Orders over $100. Use code NEWYEARS7 (Some exclusions)
New Year Sale 7% off All Orders over $100. Use code NEWYEARS7 (Some exclusions)

About Us

The Mobility Elite Story

The Mobility Elite Story

Our founder, Scott McClellan, was first introduced to the world of mobility needs when he found out his daughter had a genetic condition that will likely not allow her to walk during her life. He saw how important the equipment was to improve quality of life for his daughter and began to view the equipment as an extension of her in many ways.

Eventually he decided to do what he could to help. Although he isn't a doctor or therapist, he's worked at some of the top businesses in the US and learned how important it is to provide a good product at a good price. So he decided to use his skills and start Mobility Elite.

At Mobility Elite we work with top brands to provide mobility equipment to those who need extra assistance getting where they need to go (and doing it comfortably).

We know many of our customers could spend most of their lives sitting on and interacting with the equipment they purchase. We know it can be a big decision and is a large expense for many as well. We hope we can help our customers find the right equipment for their needs and are always willing to talk and help where needed.

We pride ourselves in our core values which drive us to help our customers:

1. Customer Service: We are here to make sure you find what you need and are satisfied with your purchase. Always feel free to reach out to us at (970) 325-2121 and we're happy to help.

2. Quality: We only work with the top brands that consistently provide quality products. Every brand provides a warranty for their products that guarantees the quality (see product pages for specific details).

3. Expertise: We know these are big decisions and there's a lot of factors to think about. We are experts in the mobility industry and are happy to help guide you in this decision.

At Mobility Elite we are committed to bringing you the best products at competitive prices. We want you to love your purchase and be comfortable in your scooter, wheelchair, or any assistive device you purchase.

For any questions or other needs please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or call us at (970) 325-2121. We're looking forward to hearing from you and helping with any of your mobility needs.